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Priorities for Marysville

My campaign is based on three P's: Protect, Promote, and Preserve

The most basic job of government is to protect its citizens. This can mean protection in the most basic sense, with police and fire services. I can pledge that as long as I am on city council, Marysville will have a fully funded police department to keep our citizens safe. In addition to this, I will ensure that we do all we can to assist the Marysville Regional Fire Authority, understanding that the protection they offer our city is vitally important to our way of life. 

Protection in my minds takes more forms than just these two. Protection also means shielding citizens from high taxes, and burdensome regulations that end up causing more harm than good. During my time on council, we passed a biannual city budget that DID NOT RAISE PROPERTY TAXES on Marysville residents. The city has shown that we can effectively fund necessary functions of government without raising property taxes for many years now, and I pledge that I will fight to continue this practice moving forward. 



Supporting businesses is an essential function of the city council. This means supporting businesses that are looking to expand into Marysville, as well as ones that have been in Marysville anywhere from one month to one hundred years. It is my goal that no resident should ever have to leave our city to find services, and that everything we need can be found within our city limits. The city has a long history of working with local businesses on their projects, and in many cases offered grants to businesses and property owners that are looking to do business in Marysville. I look forward to continuing this tradition and expanding it. 


An important part of promoting Marysville is making sure our city looks its absolute best. If I am being honest, our city has not done the best job of this over the years. While it is improving, I firmly believe that there is so much more to be done in the realm of beautification in Marysville. This includes cleaning up public rights-of-way, continuing to implement uniform city way finding signs, offer beautification grants to those looking to spruce up their properties, and working with property owners that need assistance. A clean and good-looking city is something that benefits everyone who passes through Marysville, and that is one of my top goals.


For almost ten years I have served on the Board of the Marysville Historical Society, with the last year as board president. In that time, I learned more than I could ever imagine about Marysville's humble roots, and those that poured their hearts and soul into making our little town the bustling place it is today. I want to ensure that these stories are remembered, and that our history is around for the next generation to appreciate and learn from. There are simple things that the city can do to preserve our history including a brown sign program to identify historic road names, add buildings in Marysville to the State and National Register of Historic Places (Marysville currently only has one listing, the Opera House), and incorporate signage regarding local history in parks and other places. 


To me, preservation goes beyond just history. Preservation extends to our natural environment. We are blessed to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country, and its up to us to make sure that it stays beautiful. I will continue to ensure our community has adequate parks and outdoor recreation facilities for families to enjoy, understanding that parks are a vital resource for so many residents in our community.

What are you priorities for our city? Feel free to reach out and let me know: or 425-501-6578.

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